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First Courses


First Courses

These include: Cacio e pepePaccheri, Risotto with Porcini mushrooms, lasagne and many others. Each recipe uses excellent raw materials which are skillfully processed with a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Carnaroli rice is perfectly cooked al dente and carefully tossed in the pan. The pasta is exclusively Gragnano.  Roman pecorino and the other selected raw materials strictly come from their original Italian region.

The selected raw materials are picked according to their natural seasonality and each ingredient is processed following craftsmanship criteria, thus making each product unique as it is made by hand.



Foodservice: Thanks to a wide range of recipes, we are able to meet all our customers’ requirements  offering them ready-to-cook meals as if they were at the restaurant.  The great advantage of our meals is to provide our customer with the taste of a traditional Italian dish as if cooked by a chef but without the use of personnel, reducing the cost of raw materials and waste.

Retail: Comfortably at home you can taste enjoyable meals by simply completing the cooking in the micro-wave or in the oven in just 5 minutes.

Airlines: We meet airline companies’ requirements enabling them to offer passengers  a wide range of recipes and complete meals to be eaten during flights.



  • Single portion:  250/ 300 gr.
  • Packet:  1 Kg
  • Baking pan: 1 /2.5 kg

Guaranteed taste and nutritional value.

Cool chain -20° guaranteed

Menù variety

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