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DOP Salami

DOP Salami

Our selection of salami comes from a millenary tradition area of pig farms where the animals have been farmed since ancient Roman times. From the region of Lombardia, where making salami is pure art, we have selected the best local salami made exclusively from noble cuts of pigs born and raised in Lombardia, Piemonte and Emilia-Romagna. The same animals that are used for the production of Parma Ham.

From Tuscia we have selected a very esclusive products which are also a Slow Food presidium.

Our salami and cured meat salami are made from the processing of Italian pig meat in compliance with DOP certified production regulations, slaughtered in certified laboratories, treated and controlled with the utmost care in every stage of the production and refinement process.


Our products include:

  • Salametto;
  • Organic salametto;
  • Black garlic flavored salami;
  • Truffle flavored salami;
  • Spicy Pimenton flavored salami;
  • Bonarda flavored salami.

Lazio, Lombardia

Ideal for happy hour and starter

Perfect with red wine

Cool chain +2° +8° guaranteed

Air shipment in 24/48h

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