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Buffalo Milk Mozzarella


Buffalo Milk Mozzarella

Our buffalo milk mozzarella cheese comes exclusively from selected local producers, who follow the original Italian tradition. The authenticity  of our mozzarella is guaranteed from buffalo milk coming exclusively from selected dairies.

The collected fresh milk is delivered and processed in cheese factories within 12 hours from milking, so that the “raw” material is processed without undergoing any heat treatment which could alter its organoleptic properties.

Buffalo milk mozzarella has a spherical shape and a savoury flavour characterised by a unique and strong taste.


Our products:

  • Buffalo milk bocconcini (“small mouthfuls”)
  • Buffalo milk treccia (plait-shaped)
  • Buffalo milk Ricotta

and much more…

Lazio, Campania, Puglia, Molise

Cool chain +2° or +8°. Frozen -20° guaranteed.

Air shipment in 24/48h

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